The GRAND community are extremely grateful for the funding and support provided by The Shirley Foundation.

Dame Stephanie's main interest is in Autism, people with ASD and their education and welfare. Priors Court and the Kingwood Trust were her key social  investments in these areas.
Her main interest remains rooted in research. Having also established Autistica which funds autism research, she is currently setting up an Autism Think Tank. This will look at the major questions and so inform National Policy.
Her investment in the autism area of the Global Health Network is strategic and she considers it will become a key infrastructure both in autism research itself and the dissemination of the research.

Why do ambitious women have flat heads?

Dame Stephanie Shirley presented a TED talk on women in the workplace, and her own experiences of coping with autism in the famliy. The talk can be viewed below:



In 1962 Dame Stephanie Shirley founded one of the UK's first software startups, dedicated to employing women software developers working part-time from home, which went on to be hugely successful. In the film below she shares her inspirational story.

Produced by Google as part of a series of short films highlighting women's involvement in the early days of computing. 


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