The National Autistic Society (NAS) have released their education report 2016 which finds 74% of parents have not found it easy to get the educational support their child needs

The importance and impact of scientists sharing their research is highlighted in an article written for The Conversation

Autistica have released their report on the Top ten questions for autism research with mental health being the number one priority

Interview with Zemi Yenus, the founder of the Nia foundation who help people with autism in Ethiopia

A population based study in Sweden suggests that individuals with epilepsy are at increased risk of ASD, especially if epilepsy appears in childhood and furtehrmore ASD is more common in the siblings and offspring of individuals with epilepsy. Read the full article here to consider their results.

 The National Autistic Society in the UK have opened nominations for the 2017 Autism Professionals Awards - submit your nomination

New data has been added to the SFARI gene database - find out what genes have been included in the collection here

Mapping of services for autism in Ethiopia - read the newly published situational analysis here

Dangerous "cures" for autism being sold online - The Guardian reports

CareEpilepsy launched a series of incredible events during National Epilepsy Week in Ethiopia with unprecedented success! A full report on how their format could be used to help raise awareness of other conditions will be released soon!

An 'Autism App' has been locally developed and now being used in Ghana to help autism education and awareness

Encouraging a celebration of autistic differences - The Lancet discusses this week

Teachers in the UK will be taught how to support autistic pupil, Government says

Every GP practice in England will receive an autism resource pack containing information for GPs on how to provide effective consultations with autistic patients and advice and information for autistic patients themselves - see here for further details.

Why it's time African researchers stopped working in silos - Director of the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa discusses here

'Getting Lost in London' - watch a student with Asperger's describe his experience of spending a day navigating around London, UK

Brain in Hand - technology to support autistic people in work. Read a recent discussion about employement and autism

Supermarkets in the UK are trialing a 'quiet hour' to facilitate people with autism to shop  

How to support African and black and minority ethnic families with autistic children in the UK education system; highlights the need for cultural awareness

How not to squander the potential of autisitc people - read The Economist article 'Beautiful Minds, wasted'

Could prenatal supplements of carnitine minimise ASD risk in some individuals? - scientists discuss this week

SFARI launch online research initiative called SPARK that aims to collect information and DNA from 50,000 people with autism and their families in the USA

The roles of the genes SHANK3 and MeCP2 in brain development and autism have been further defined  

How Africa can close its science funding gap? - Professor Marsh from Oxford discusses this week

Wiley Autism Awareness Research Collection - read free articles throughout April 2016

What do child prodigies have in common with kids with autism? - read an interesting article in The Conversation this week

The National Autistic Society launch their public understanding campaign - Too Much Information as part of World Autism Awareness Week

An anti-vaccination documentary is stopped from being shown at the Tribeca Film Festival

Premature autism deaths are 'hidden crisis' says Autistica as reported in The Guardian

The BBC have made a new drama currently being aired called The A Word where one of the main characters is autistic

Calling All Clinical Researchers!

Participate in a Survey for the World Bank and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Take part in this important opportunity to show your expertise and influence an international effort to decide where investments in research capacity is needed. Read more

The Mapping Project

Please add yourself, group and/or organisation to our interactive map! Join this exciting opportunity to find out a little bit more about others working on autism and neurodevelopment, identify collaborations and celebrate what wonderful things are being achieved. Read more

Value and validity of UK-wide autism cohort database

New research published in the BMJ confirms that families who participate in research via the UK’s national autism family research database are representative of UK families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) overall. This makes the database a valuable ... Read more

The Autistic Gardener

In the UK Channel 4 is currently running a series following a group of young autistic adults who transform gardens led by the designer Alan Gardner who also has autism. Read more

Girls with ASD

“Autism in girls is massively under-diagnosed and as a result many are expected to cope in mainstream school. They often struggle, are bullied and isolated and become very unhappy.” Read more

Autism Service Dogs

Learn more about the way dogs are being trained and used to assist people with autism from helping their owners in social situations to performing specific tasks in their day to day life. Read more

CareEpilepsy in Ethiopia

CareEpilepsy is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of epilepsy and the mental and social wellbeing of those affected by epilepsy, mainly in low and middle income countries, with a special focus in Ethiopia. Read more

National Autism Project

The National Autism Project was launched this week at the House of Lords. This new initiative is supported by The Shirley Foundation and aims to provide recommendations on autism research and practice and raise awareness at government level. Read more

Autism and ill health

"...we need greater awareness not just of autism, but how it can affect overall health"

An article in the Guardian newspaper this week discusses how medical professionals need to be aware of how people with autism experience and act when suffering from health issues. Read more

UK Government Changes

The UK Care Minister has proposed to give more rights to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions with regards to their care. Read more

Genetics of Autism

Research published this week has examined the genetic and environmental contributions to ASD. The study is one of the largest screened population-based twin studies to date and found a strong genetic effect in ASD and no strong influence from shared ... Read more

Autism Speaks work in LMICs

The charity Autism Speaks is focussing on neurodevelopmental disorders in Low and Middle Income Settings, with 2 meetings taking place in 2014. Read more