This page shows current studies that are being conducted; please contact us if you would like your project to appear.


Study Title



Omega 3 fatty acid treatment in patients with epilepsy


Ivermectin Treatment in Patients With Onchocerciasis-associated Epilepsy: A Randomized Clinical Trial


Electrical Impedance Tomography of Epilepsy

UK, London

The Modified Ketogenic Diet for the Treatment of Pharmacoresistant Epilepsy in Adults

UK, Birmingham

Investigation of Sleep Quality and Prevalence of Sleep-disordered Breathing in Children and Young People With Epilepsy

UK, Edinburgh

Biology of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (BIOJUME)

International (Responsible Party: King's College London)

A Study to Investigate the Safety of the Drugs Topiramate and Levetiracetam in Treating Children Recently Diagnosed With Epilepsy

International (Responsible Party: Janssen)


Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy Combined With Psychological Therapy and Rehabilitation for Autism (ASPRA)

Vietnam, Hanoi

Pilot Study to Improve Access to Early Intervention for Autism in Africa

South Africa, Cape Town

GABA Pathways in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

UK, London

Efficacy of Vivomixx on Behaviour and Gut Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder (VIVO-ASD)

UK, London

The Use of Social Stories to Reduce Negative Affect and Improve Satisfaction in Adults Attending an ASD Assessment

UK, Sheffield


IDEA Study Cognitive Stimulation

Therapy (CST) Trial in Nigeria


Alzheimer's Family Caregiver Intervention in Vietnam

Vietnam, Hanoi

Impact of lifestyle modification on the development of dementia, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a Thai general population


Pilot Study of the Effects of Playing Golf on People With Dementia

UK, Bedfordshire


Developing a New EEG Method for the Early Diagnosis of Dementia

UK, Sheffield