First step:

Sign up as member of The Global Health Network; registering is free and only takes a few minutes. To join click here. Being a member allows you access to the whole network not just GRAND.

If you ever get lost navigating through all of the different areas just click on the very top of the page where it says The Global Health Network.

Next step – Navigate:

In the Articles section you will find information on a range of topics such as current investigations and exciting findings in the field of autism and neurodevelopment. We welcome contributions from members and articles can be submitted for review by the Editorial team.

The Resources section contains documents that can easily be downloaded for you to use. If you have any resources such as tools or questionnaires that you think others will find helpful and you are willing to share please consider emailing them to us.

How to get more involved:

The Community section provides lots of ways to interact with other members.

All members of the community and their profiles can be seen here and gives you the option to send individual messages.

The Groups area provides the opportunity to ask questions, create discussions and even ask for feedback to ideas or grant applications. You can easily start a new topic for discussion and invite people to join you.

A good place to start is the 'Introductions to the GRAND community' group where you can tell the GRAND community about yourself. Or a great way to share your experiences and tell others your thoughts, ideas or simply what you found interesting today is to start a blog.

Working groups allow members to work on a document together with the option of this being “open” for everyone to work on, or “closed” to only selected people.

Bookmarks provide direct links to other sites and pages which may be of interest to the community.

Professional Development Scheme:

Consider joining this scheme to help you create your professional portfolio and support your career development.

Providing feedback:

The community has only just begun so please contact us with any questions, problems, suggestions or contributions and visit as often to see us grow!