Here you will find information about relevant and stimulating presentations, conferences and workshops that are currently taking place across the globe. This section will be updated regularly so please check back frequently.

Upcoming events (2016)

International Association for the Scientific                 August 14-19                    Melbourne, Australia 

Study of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

US Autism & Asperger Association                            August 18-20                    Kentucky, USA

Autism New Zealand Conference                              August 19-20                    Wellington, New Zealand

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Autism Workshop       September 6                     London, UK

XI Autism-Europe International Congress                  September 16-18               Edinburgh, UK

Autism Spectrum Disorder                                        September 23                    Cardiff, UK

Eating challenges & autistic individuals                     October 7                          Manchester, UK

Masterclass on alcohol & autism                               October 7                          London, UK

Challenging Behaviour Conference                            October 11                        Birmingham, UK

Autism & Minds Wired for Science with                     October 21                        Oxford, UK

Prof Simon Baron-Cohen

Autism-friendly design                                             November 1                       Manchester, UK

Eating challenges & autistic individuals                     November 24                     London, UK

Autism & social skills                                                November 25                     London, UK 

UCLA Peers Training for Mental Health Professionals November 25-27                Oporto, Portugal


UK-East African Healthcare Submit                            April 29                           London, UK


Past events (2016)

47th Annual Autism Society National Conference       July 13-16                        New Orleans, USA

Anxiety vs Happiness & Wellbeing                              June 18                           Oxford, UK

Neuroimaging work on social interaction in both        June 14                            Oxford, UK

neurotypical adults & those with autism

Anxiety in children and young people with autism     June 10                            Bristol, UK

Seminar: Emerging roles for autism-associated           June 1                             Oxford, UK

chromatin remodelling factors in brain development

Autism: the challenges & opportunities                      June 1                             Manchester, UK

Seminar: The Cingulate Cortex in Autism: Anatomy,   May 24                             Oxford, UK

connectivity, and perturbed social decision making

IMFAR 2016                                                               May 11-14                       Baltimore, USA

Effective Communication, Autism & Asperger's           February 6                        The King's Centre, Oxford 

ASD, ADHD & Intellectual Disabilities                           April 11                             London, UK  

Long lasting effect of mesenchymal stem cells           April 13                             Oxford, UK

treatment in BTBR autism model  

Attwood & Garnett on Asperger's & Autism                April 14-15                        Oxford, UK

ASD: new persepctives, co-morbidities                       April 22                             Durham, UK

Seminar: Molecular signatures of autism                    May 4                               Oxford, UK

using iPSC model

Past Events (2015)  

1. Journal Club                                                            March 19th 2015                  Dept of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

2. Autism Oxford: Autism & Asperger's:                       April 24th 2015                    Kassam Stadium, Oxford

Identification & Effective Intervention

4. IMFAR                                                                     May 13th-16th 2015            Salt Lake City, USA

5. Neurodevelopmental Disorders Seminar Series        June 22nd 2015                   St Catherine's College, University of Oxford

6. Perspectives on autism research: working with        June 30th 2015                   Wadham College, Oxford                           

the community & building a brain bank

7. Care Epilepsy Launch                                              October 12th 2015                Jupiter International Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

8. Joint Mental Health Conference in Ghana                October 15th-17th  2015      University of Ghana, Legon

9.  Seminar: Modelling Facial Expressions of               October 21st 2015                St John's College, University of Oxford

Emotion in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

9. Autism Oxford: Autism, Happiness & Wellbeing       October 29th 2015               The King's Centre, Oxford

Autism as Context Blindness