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UK Autism Brain Bank

This is the online forum for people to comment and discuss the brain bank; we welcome people to start their own topics and/or to contribute to discussions so that the brain bank reflects the thoughts and views of the community.


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I have always been interested on the idea, but I´m not sure about the procedure for doing it on my country. I think it´s a good thing, because that way we can ...

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Oxfordshire Autism Network

This is the discussion group and online forum for the attendees of the recent Oxfordshire Autism Network organised by Autism Oxford UK! It would be great for people to post and share relevant information, ask questions that they are struggling to find answers to, or request for specific help and guidance.  


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I attended the discussion group focussed on finding out what support and activities are available for children and young people. We were lucky enough to have a great group of people with ...

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Introductions to the GRAND Community

Please use this group to introduce yourself to the community. Tell us a bit about where you are based and your research interests and current projects.


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Hello! I am a Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am working at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. I am looking for ways to help children with developmental disabilities in our ...

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Autism Awareness Day!!!!

As World Autism Awareness Day is coming up on April 2nd I was wondering what events people are involved in?


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The charity Autism Speaks has the 'Light It Up Blue' campaign to honour people with autism worldwide where each year thousands of buildings are lit up and events are held to help ...

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