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  • stephlonsdale Steph Lonsdale Oct. 8, 2017

    I'm quite enthusiastic about donating my brain for research. Obviously I would prefer it to be a long time off in the future, but as I have developed my understanding of ASC through reading research studies I think it's only fair that when I no longer need my brain, it can continue to help others.

    After sending off for the forms last week and making my intentions known to my family I decided to put a post about it on my Facebook page. It was interesting to see how fellow students and academics asked for further information as they were also interested in signing up, but many other friends who are not in academia passed no comment at all - even those I thought would have expressed an interest.

  • I have always been interested on the idea, but I´m not sure about the procedure for doing it on my country. I think it´s a good thing, because that way we can help the develop of sciences even after death.

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